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We feel that we are objective and fair to everyone. We also try to live according to these rules and make rational decisions. However, subconsciously, we act quite differently and our hidden attitude towards other people is deep inside us and often contradicts what we think.

A similar situation occurs in the work of a recruiter who is also often guided by intuitive decisions in his daily work. However, not everyone is aware of this fact that we unknowingly favor certain candidates and discriminate on the contrary.

Why is this happening?

Our brain works instantly and subconsciously. It automatically gives us an answer to a question that bothers us, based on past events. Are decisions made in this way rational? Well, no, this is a shortcut. If the candidate reminds us of a person with whom we only have negative associations, this will also be our perception of this person and thus their discrimination. On the other hand, a candidate with whom we have only positive experiences will be assessed positively.

As you can see, it is not a good method in selecting a candidate. In this case, instead of a rational choice, we are guided by our subjective experiences.

So how do you deal with prejudices in making a decision about choosing the right candidate?

It is a success to realize that each of us is full of prejudices and that our brain works according to scenarios known to him. What advises us is not always the right guideline.

Therefore, each decision in selecting the right employee should be carefully considered, conditioned by specific criteria of candidate selection and, on this basis, the choice of the best candidate should be made. Stereotypes are not an ally of recruiting.

I wonder how you deal with prejudices at work?

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Kasia Zybała