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IT outsourcing

In times of dynamically progressing digitization, it can be confidently stated that innovative technologies and modern digital solutions have virtually taken over contemporary businesses that intensely use the latest internet innovations on an unprecedented scale. The growing demand for qualified IT specialists is inextricably linked with increased interest in digital products. However, what should one do when a company does not have sufficient technological facilities inside its organization and still wants to implement exciting projects and maintain a competitive advantage in the difficult IT market? The outsourcing of IT specialists turns out to be an effective solution.

IT specialists outsourcing – our solutions

IT outsourcing is a service in which, for a specified period of time, the client hires IT specialists with diversified competencies and experience in various areas of software development. This form of cooperation gets willingly used by various technology companies needing the support of proven and suitably qualified experts from the IT industry to implement their projects.

As KZ INSPIRE, we have been successfully operating in the programming environment for almost a decade. Thanks to this, we could explore the secrets of this industry, getting to know its specificity, requirements, and the most common problems faced by many companies operating in the IT sector. One of the biggest challenges, and a situation that has been persisting for some time now, is the deficit of highly qualified IT specialists skilled in the newest technologies. Acquiring them on companies’ own appears to be a real challenge.

In the course of our activity, we have managed to develop a solid position on the IT market, thanks to which we have a substantial network of valuable contacts and easy access to qualified specialists in this industry. Have you received a proposal for an exceptionally lucrative project, but you do not have adequate resources inside your company for its effective implementation? Or maybe your developers have already started the design works, but in the process, they have noticed the risk of not meeting the agreed deadlines? Regardless of your reasons – in each case, we can help you quickly add specific specialists to your team.

Outsourcing of software development teams

Thanks to our extensive experience in providing recruiting services for the new technologies industry, we know that IT projects are characterized by high complexity, and their effective implementation requires the cooperation of many specialists. Therefore, we offer our partners the IT outsourcing service of entire software teams.

Tell us your needs and the specificities of the planned project, and KZ INSPIRE experts will quickly assemble for you a qualified project team with the competencies necessary for its successful implementation. At the same time, while delegating the project to external specialists, you do not have to worry about losing control. We always focus on transparency of activities, clear rules of cooperation, and good communication, so you can be sure that you will remain decisive at every stage of the project and receive accurate reports on the progress made.

Usługa wynajem specjalistów IT - KZ Inspire

Programmers outsourcing

Perhaps your project is so extensive that you need both the front-end and the back-end developers and other specialists from the broadly understood IT industry. This is why a comprehensive project team is so important to us – a team that is able to work effectively using a substantial technological stack and is not limited only to a few selected tools or platforms. When organizing technological facilities for our partners, we always make sure that the acquired specialists are qualified and able to successfully handle even the most demanding IT projects.

At KZ INSPIRE, each cooperation begins with a thorough analysis of the individual needs of our partners, their key business goals, and the specifics of their projects. Such action allows us to match the candidate’s profile more accurately to the requirements of a given project and define the scope of cooperation within the framework of IT outsourcing more precisely.

IT specialists body leasing – is it beneficial?

The idea of body leasing in IT, similar to outsourcing of IT specialists, is to hire employees with certain software competencies for a specified period of time. Which of the two solutions is worth choosing depends on the circumstances and needs of an organization. If you already have certain technological facilities inside your company and you only need to strengthen your team with specialists who are experts in specific technologies, the IT body leasing service will be a solution worth considering for you.

However, if you need more comprehensive assistance from qualified IT specialists, it is worth to consider the IT outsourcing service. In this case, KZ INSPIRE experts will join the ranks of your company with qualified industry experts who will guide you step by step through the various stages of the project: from creating its specifications, through planning the necessary architecture, to testing and implementing a ready solution. We will be happy to advise you on the strategy that is most beneficial to your business.

We help you build effective project teams

At KZ INSPIRE, we have access to the best talents from the broadly understood IT industry. We have successfully completed many projects, recommending our partners high-class IT specialists, including:

Developers: Java, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, React or .NET,
Architect IT
Business Analysts, System Analysts,
UX / UI Designers
Project Managers, Product Mangeres
Automation Testers
Manual Testers
Database Administrator
Systems Administrator
Data Engineers
Devops Engineers

We provide services of the best IT specialists on an exclusive basis

We know perfectly well that in the dynamically changing IT industry there is no time for any delays. In fact, any delay resulting from i.e. competency shortages in the team may cause the loss of a chance for a profitable project. That is why at KZ INSPIRE we are constantly improving our services in order to operate even more effectively. By cooperating with us in the field of IT outsourcing, you can be sure that your order will be completed within the agreed time, and you will be able to start design works quickly.

The pros of IT outsourcing

IT specialists outsourcing is an effective way to reduce time and costs in the company. Owners of the companies who decide to hire external IT employees free themselves from the need to spend time and funds on a multi-stage recruitment process. Creating a new job for a given project often turns out to be a relatively unprofitable solution because it activates a whole chain of demanding and generating additional costs activities. Thanks to IT outsourcing, companies do not have to invest in the subsequent training of new team members or incur costs for creating a new job and retaining a full-time employee. Therefore, this solution allows for considerable savings.

When you decide to use IT outsourcing, you can also count on high flexibility of actions. At KZ INSPIRE, we undertake both short- and long-term contracts. It does not matter to us whether you need the specialists in your office or remotely. Moreover, you can take advantage of our IT outsourcing services at every stage of your project. Regardless of whether you are just in the conceptual planning phase, or the project is already in progress – we will provide you with comprehensive support in each case.

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    Katarzyna Zybała – CEO, Founder, Mentor i Konsultant Kariery