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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

IT recruitment in the RPO model is a response to the pressing staffing needs of many companies. If it’s necessary for your business to quickly acquire specialists with specific competencies, the RPO model turns out to be one of the most effective and profitable solutions. The main benefit of the model is that an experienced IT recruiter appears in your organization immediately. Recruitment outsourcing is one of the main specialties of KZ INSPIRE – check our approach and find out how we generate extraordinary results for our partners!

RPO – what is it?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a model of recruitment known under the abbreviation RPO. It allows you to periodically delegate all or only selected recruitment processes to experienced external HR specialists. The involvement of a professional recruitment agency specializing in a particular industry not only significantly speeds up the recruitment process, increasing its effectiveness, but also turns out to be a highly profitable solution in financial terms. The cooperation with KZ INSPIRE in the RPO model is based on a predetermined monthly rate.

The choice of recruitment process outsourcing is made primarily by company owners who are in the process of scaling their business and need to quickly augment the team and therefore rapidly increase the number of open recruitment processes in their organization. It’s important to note that recruitment, especially in the IT industry, is a multi-stage endeavor that requires the involvement of the right resources. If a company hasn’t got a well-developed HR department or its capabilities are very limited, then the support of external recruitment specialists might turn out to be invaluable.

Managing such a complicated process without proper experience and resources may result in low or even close-to-zero recruitment efficiency as well as a waste of time and money and, thus, increasing frustration. Cooperation with the KZ INSPIRE recruitment agency guarantees an effective process, in line with the highest standards, and quick acquisition of the desired talents.

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IT RPO – our specialty

KZ INSPIRE is an IT recruitment agency that actively works for the success of both Polish and international technology companies, acquiring the best talents for them every day. We specialize in the IT industry, and in the course of our activity, we have learned the specifics of this sector inside out. Still, we never slow down, and our recruiters continue to develop their skills, update and broaden their knowledge, and are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract the most desirable IT specialists.

When starting cooperation with KZ INSPIRE in the RPO model, our partners can be sure that they will receive comprehensive support from a qualified recruiter who – thanks to the experience and extensive knowledge in the IT industry – will be able to get involved in their projects from the very first day. Our team consists of professionals who have been exploring the secrets of the new technologies industry for years. At KZ INSPIRE, we have up-to-date knowledge about the general situation on the market, current rates, and the latest technologies. Thanks to all this, we can be a valuable partner for your business.

Making use of the IT RPO services offered by KZ INSPIRE is also an opportunity to kick off the cooperation swiftly and start the recruitment process immediately. Our experts need a really short ramp-up period to understand the expectations well. Additionally, we are a specialized team that doesn’t require any additional training on the market specifics or recruitment tools. We have our own recruitment system and proven methods to reach out to the best candidates. By deciding to work with us, you gain access to a professional staff of IT recruiters who will support your business in finding employees and deliver consulting on the market of new technologies in the broad sense.

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Recruitment outsourcing – the way we work

The companies that decide to cooperate with us in the RPO model receive comprehensive support at every stage of recruitment. Our professional IT recruiters remain at the client’s disposal at all times. They take responsibility for the entire recruitment process and focus on the proactive search for valuable candidates.

In our daily work, we use our own ATS system to which we can grant access to our partners so that they can follow the current progress. At KZ INSPIRE, we put emphasis on the transparency of our activities, clear rules of cooperation, and clear communication with our partners. Our IT recruiters have access to all necessary tools, specialized websites, or popular job boards, thanks to which our partners do not bear any additional costs.

The high efficiency of the KZ INSPIRE recruitment agency is the result of many years of experience and an unconventional, creative approach to conducting recruitment processes. Over the years, our qualified IT recruiters have developed a powerful network of valuable referrals and built a database of strong candidates from the area or new technologies. This means that we are able to quickly and effectively reach the best talents that will strengthen your team.

Considering the RPO model? Let us advise you!

IT recruitment in the RPO model will work particularly well when you have an immediate need and are set on the shortest possible time to hire. This type of cooperation with a recruitment agency enables an efficient start of the entire process because experienced HR specialists already have the necessary know-how and access to a database of valuable candidates for various programming positions. Thanks to this, they do not need too long to ramp up: after agreeing on the scope of cooperation as well as the needs and requirements of the company, they are ready to kick off.

Therefore, cooperation within the RPO model does not require too much commitment on the client’s side. The KZ INSPIRE recruiters show great independence while conducting a recruitment project while ensuring a high standard of recruitment and creating a positive candidate experience in the eyes of potential future employees.

If you aren’t sure whether recruitment process outsourcing would be the right solution for your company, contact us and let’s think together of the best strategy for your business.

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Our offer includes Recruitment Process Outsourcing for IT

Recruitment outsourcing in the IT industry appears to be a reasonable and highly profitable alternative to other recruitment models, primarily because a dedicated recruiter has a chance to identify the company’s needs and expectations on a deeper level. Choosing recruitment process outsourcing means that our HR specialists become a part of your team for a specified period and therefore they are able to work in a more efficient way.

Employing an IT recruiter in the RPO model guarantees the delivery of remarkable CVs and successful recruitment. If you need to quickly add highly specialized HR employees to your team, we are at your disposal. Our experience shows that velocity is an important factor in the IT industry therefore we absolutely adhere to timeliness with each recruitment project. We have a well-developed network of contacts and access to an internal database of candidates. The effectiveness of our activities has been proved by a high number of successfully completed recruitments.

High standards of flexible, individual services – RPO in IT

KZ INSPIRE experts will effectively support your company’s internal resources, adapting to changes that take place in your business in an agile way. We are aware that the IT environment is very dynamic, and therefore the needs of technology companies change often.

For this reason, as an experienced recruitment agency specializing in the IT industry, we support easy scalability in the event of the growing needs of our partners. Therefore, if your organization has experienced an increased demand for IT specialists, we can expand our RPO team at any time to deliver the best talents even faster. We can also react swiftly when your recruitment needs decrease. We offer flexibility in the number of hours of cooperation and the number of supported recruitment projects. If needed, we also offer the service of providing a full-time recruiter to work with your team.

We are always open to various, non-standard methods of acquiring IT talents. At KZ INSPIRE, we treat each recruitment process as a priority, focusing on creative ways of reaching potential employees. Fresh ideas, originality, and the ability to take the initiative – all these perfectly describe the KZ INSPIRE team.

Are you interested in our IT RPO? Ask us for an offer!

    Natalia Latawiec – Junior Recruiter IT - KZ Inspire