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We offer a wide range of recruitment services

IT recruitment

We have been exploring the secrets of IT recruitment for nearly 10 years, and we can say that we know almost everything about it. And if there’s anything we do not know, we explore the topic. What distinguishes us is always a fresh approach to each IT recruitment project. Nothing is impossible for us! Excellent knowledge of the IT market and its realities allows us to carry out IT recruitment projects quickly and effectively.


Our IT recruiter is at your exclusive disposal. We are giving you a comprehensive recruitment outsourcing service. This solution will be a perfect choice if you do not have your own HR department or when its capabilities are limited.

HR Consulting

Do you have the impression that your recruitment processes are ineffective and the recruitment itself takes too much time? Let us analyze your recruitment process and propose a solution that will improve it.

IT Outsourcing

Agencja rekrutacyjna IT KZ INSPIRE - Zespół specjalistek

What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process?

We are looking for the best specialists who would fit your organization and want to engage in the company’s business development.

Our recruitment strategy begins with a detailed analysis of the processes. We want to learn about the values that are important to the client and propose innovative recruitment methods. We introduce improvements that are changing the recruiting industry. We simply can’t get enough!

IT recruiting – how do we work?

KZ INSPIRE is a group of experienced and qualified specialists who make sure to provide IT recruitment services at a global level. We treat each recruitment process with care and give it our complete attention. Each cooperation begins with a meeting with the client to understand the context of a given recruitment need and determine the requirements and expectations regarding the candidate profile. Our recruitment strategy includes an analysis of the client’s business model, the company’s offer, and the values that guide the organization. We want to find candidates with not only the right skills but also those who will fit well with the client’s organizational culture and bring additional value to the company.
Having all the necessary information, we’re off to start the actual recruitment process, using a unique system and proprietary tools. In our daily work, we use innovative technologies that help us reach a large base of candidates. KZ INSPIRE is created by a group of creative IT recruiters who use uncommon strategies to seek the best specialists for your organization. We know that standard recruitment methods in the IT industry increasingly turn out to be ineffective. As an experienced IT recruitment services provider, we found a solution for this situation! As a result, we can present the first candidates within 2-3 days from the start of recruitment, and the maximum time we need is 14 days.

At KZ INSPIRE, a well-established feedback culture is a company standard. At each stage of the recruitment process, we provide substantive and comprehensive feedback to both candidates and the companies cooperating with us, thus creating valuable and long-term business relationships. We focus on partnership and transparent communication, which allows us to achieve our goals, and, at the same time, create a positive image of companies and strengthen their employer branding.

At KZ INSPIRE, we specialize in broadly understood IT recruiting. So far, we have carried out recruitment projects for positions such as:

Manual Test Engineer, Automation Test Engineer
Developers: Java, .NET, React, Angular, Python, PHP, IBM BPM, Guidewire
Business Analyst, System Analyst
Project Manager, Product Manager
SAP Specialist, Microsoft Dynamics Specialist

Why is it worth working with us? – KZ INSPIRE

We know IT recruiting
We operate quickly and efficiently
We focus on partnership relations
We are flexible
We value the culture of information flow
We have many years of experience in IT recruiting
We are constantly training and developing our competencies

Endless possibilities for IT recruiting

KZ INSPIRE is a team of skilled IT recruiters who have been contributing to the successes of both Polish and foreign companies for years. Thanks to our long experience in the broadly understood HR industry and narrow specialization in IT, we can say with full responsibility that we know almost everything about IT recruitment. We never slow down, constantly investing in developing our team’s competencies, which means that our knowledge is up-to-date and in line with the market realities.

As an agency offering IT recruitment services, we closely cooperate with different companies from within the new technology industry, thanks to which we perfectly know the realities of this business as well as the needs and expectations of both employers and individual candidates. At KZ INSPIRE, we have extensive knowledge of the IT market and a broad understanding of the latest trends and technologies – all of this makes us a proper IT recruiting partner for both the candidates and the companies.

Are the recruitment processes in your company time-consuming, costly, and yet ineffective? Then we have an effective solution for this! If your organization does not have an HR department or its capabilities are limited due to a heavy workload, we have prepared a wide range of recruitment services for you.

Our goal is to achieve mutual success, which is why we never limit ourselves to standard methods and tools. Instead, we actively implement unique strategies and ideas that allow us to quickly connect you with the best IT talents. By providing high-class employees with appropriate competencies, we successively ensure a competitive advantage for our business partners. This way, you can focus on your strategic goals and further development while we provide you with a qualified IT team ready to implement new solutions. Passion, creativity, originality, and courage in implementing non-standard activities – this is what makes KZ INSPIRE a highly effective recruitment agency.

pełen zespół rekruterów KZ INSPIRE - Agencja rekrutacyjna IT

KZ INSPIRE as a provider of IT recruitment services – what will you gain?

Cooperation with the KZ INSPIRE recruitment agency guarantees comprehensive service and full-scale support from a dedicated expert at every stage of IT recruiting – regardless of the number of currently open recruitment projects. We approach our duties reliably and responsibly, so you can be sure that your projects will be successfully closed within the set deadline.

We perfectly know the specifics of the new technologies industry – both the pace of changes taking place and the characteristics and complexity of the IT projects themselves, which is why we know how important it is to maintain the appropriate dynamics of the recruitment process. As an experienced agency offering IT recruitment services, we declare timeliness and a proper speed of action therefore we are able to present the first valuable CV to our clients within the first few days of the recruitment project kick-off.

We are your business partner. We are happy to share our expert knowledge and experience to support your market success. The basis of any successful company is a strong, competent, and professional team that you will build quickly with the help of KZ INSPIRE experts! Our long-term presence in the HR industry guarantees that we have the proper know-how, thanks to which we are helping our partners to make accurate business decisions by providing them with the best talents from the programming community.

We provide a warranty for every employed candidate recommended by us. Each recruitment process is approached by us with great care – we want to make sure that the selected candidate is the right one.

Are you interested in cooperation? Ask us for an offer!