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IT recruitment

Experienced IT specialists hold a strong position in the market these days – the demand for professionals with technical background is now greater than ever before. Recruiting software developers and other IT specialists is thus becoming an increasing challenge, both for large companies with an established position on the market and for smaller enterprises that want to maintain a competitive advantage. Our IT recruitment agency has a broad portfolio of modern, up-to-date, and proven solutions for successfully acquiring the best specialists in this industry – come and check how KZ INSPIRE experts do it!

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Effective actions within the IT industry

IT recruitment is the flagship specialty of KZ INSPIRE. Our qualified team of experts knows how to find the best and most sought-after talents in the field of software development and has an impressive number of successfully completed recruitment projects. Thanks to our narrow specialization in the new technologies industry, we have gained extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the broadly defined IT market. For years, we have been effectively contributing to the success of Polish and foreign technology companies.

The high efficiency of the KZ INSPIRE team is rooted in a deep understanding of the IT industry. Combined with expert knowledge in the field of HR and many years of experience in this area, it all allows us to generate outstanding results every day. Our recruitment consultants stand out in the market because they understand the new technologies industry, the customers’ requirements, the desired technical skills, and the latest tools and technological innovations.

We appreciate the needs and expectations of both the IT companies and the individual specialists looking for employment in this industry, and we are able to connect them. KZ INSPIRE is a reliable partner for your business and professional contact for IT specialists – we have knowledge and experience that allow us to discuss IT projects substantively and interestingly, convincing every valuable candidate to cooperate.

At KZ INSPIRE, we provide recruitment of specialists from the broadly defined IT area. So far, among others, we have done the following recruitment projects:

Test Automation Engineer, Manual Test Engineer
Developers: Java, .NET, React, Angular, Python, PHP, IBP BPM, Guidewire
Project Manager, Product Manager
SAP Specialist, Microsoft Dynamics Specialist
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What are the characteristics of IT recruitment?

Recruiting IT specialists, especially those experienced and proficient in the latest technologies, becomes an increasingly challenging task year by year. At the same time, the demand for highly specialized professionals is growing. The necessity of hiring qualified programmers is understood not only by the corporations but also by smaller, local companies. In the IT industry, however, these days it’s the employees who hold all the cards, and acquiring the best talents appears to be a real challenge. Recruiting IT specialists without an established HR department and a carefully planned recruitment process turns out to be almost impossible, and certainly more expensive and more time-consuming.

It is worth noting that IT recruitment is most often a complicated and multi-stage endeavor that requires the involvement of appropriate resources. This means that it is impossible to carry out effective recruitment while placing it among other responsibilities, often more pressing. Therefore, the most effective solution is to delegate this demanding task to experienced specialists, such as the KZ INSPIRE recruitment agency.

IT Recruitment – our customized recruitment methods

During our work, we have observed that an individual approach to each recruitment project is the key to success. It requires creativity and unconventional thinking without clinging to the rules and commonly known methods. At KZ INSPIRE, we follow these guidelines and approach each cooperation with our full attention, guaranteeing the full support of our experts.

We realize that experienced programmers with demanded competencies rarely look for a job actively. It is the recruiter’s task to convince the IT specialist to change jobs and open up to new opportunities. Have you been unsuccessfully looking for a candidate for a position in your company for a long time? Have the actions taken so far turned out to be ineffective and only consuming your precious time? At KZ INSPIRE, we have developed customized solutions that enable us to deliver value even more efficiently and quickly for large, complex, and unusual recruitment projects. We are not afraid of challenges and happy to talk about what we can do for you to support the development of your business!

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Successful IT recruitment – what does it mean?

Since we specialize in the new technologies industry, we perfectly know the specifics of IT projects, and that time plays a key role. Therefore, when starting cooperation with our partners, we are aware that acquiring the right candidate quickly may turn out to be the only chance for them to deliver a lucrative project.

As the KZ INSPIRE recruitment agency, we approach each IT recruitment project reliably and responsibly. For our part, we guarantee timeliness and speed of action. Thanks to our experience, we can accurately select the most valuable candidates, who are best suited to the company’s expectations. In a short time, we are able to complete even the most demanding recruitment processes.

IT specialists – how to find them?

It seems that the times of effortless recruitment in IT are gone forever. Today, a recruiter specializing in the area of new technologies has to make a lot of effort to acquire a valuable candidate. To be successful, we need to have not only substantive IT knowledge and understanding of the industry but also show creativity and a modern approach to recruitment.

More and more it turns out that the traditional way of searching for potential IT employees – by publishing job offers – is not very effective, even when it comes to well-established and popular IT employers. This is because highly qualified specialists in this industry are in high demand and are not checking job offers on their own. Therefore, today’s approach to recruitment projects in the IT industry requires more innovative methods and tools.

KZ INSPIRE experts have modern and proven strategies for acquiring the best IT talents. In our daily work, we use a unique recruitment system that allows us to run an effective search through a wide database of valuable CVs. We take an active approach to recruitment projects and adapt our methods of research to the individual requirements while caring for their positive image as employers.

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Recruiting developers – our approach

As KZ INSPIRE, we focus on partner relationships with both our clients and candidates. The priority in our daily work is to understand in detail the needs and individual requirements of each party. It is the key for us to create the best operating strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

Thanks to close cooperation with many companies, we developed modern and reliable methods of acquiring IT talents. That’s the reason why we can maintain the high quality of our recruitment processes. What makes us stand out is taking the initiative, proposing possible improvements and non-obvious solutions. For the KZ INSPIRE experts, nothing is impossible!

In our work, we also place particular emphasis on nurturing long-term relationships. We are continuously developing the culture of feedback by providing it in a substantive way to both clients and individual candidates at every stage of the recruitment process. Clear communication and transparency of activities are the core of our work.

Are you interested in our IT specialist recruitment service? Ask us for an offer!