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KZ INSPIRE – many values, one goal

KZ INSPIRE is a team of different people who share a common goal – inspiring people to change.

The company was founded to pursue our professional passions. In our work, we avoid patterns and long-established ways, but at the same time, we are professionals in what we do. We strive to introduce innovative ideas and change the industry when it comes to the recruitment and selection process itself as well as the tools for recruiting. We know how to speed up the recruitment process of hiring IT specialists. Thanks to our passion, we can undertake any, even complex and unusual recruitment projects. We love challenges in our work. The proofs of our efforts are both satisfied clients, whom we helped to hire the perfect candidates in a short time, and the candidates themselves who, thanks to us, found a new job.

Katarzyna Zybała – CEO, Founder, Mentor i Konsultant Kariery


Katarzyna Zybała – CEO, Founder, Mentor and Career Consultant

A born entrepreneur with the soul of a negotiator, always looking for effective and unconventional solutions in the recruitment process. Never does she allow herself to get constrained by routine. Prefers to collaborate closely with the client than rely on a dry analysis of requirements and needs. Constantly seeks business development, keeps gaining experience and implementing innovative ideas. A great organizer and a multitasking person for whom nothing is impossible. Privately, an enthusiast of sports – also the extreme ones. She also loves animals (owner of three cats and a dog, all adopted) and heavier sounds. In her spare time, she likes to travel and dive.

Recruitment Team

Beata Żyto – Senior Recruiter IT

An objective and rational person. An adept at simple, effective, and logical solutions. Endearing and effective in relations with the clients and a recruitment process ninja for the IT industry. An enthusiast of active lifestyle, a master of culinary art.

 Beata Żyto – Senior Recruiter IT - KZ Inspire

Renata Choma – IT Recruiter

An HR enthusiast. She defended her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management and is currently a master’s student in Human Resources & Coaching. Recently, she has been involved in IT recruitment. Renata also belongs to the HR&C science club and participates in different courses and training organized by universities and other organizations (such as the Eudajmonia Foundation.) She has versatile skills and interests. Apart from HR and deepening the know-how behind an effective recruitment process, Renata is interested in marketing, management, psychology, and social media. She also likes to write articles, read books, and travel. She excels at establishing positive and successful relationships with candidates. Also, her creativity has no limits!

Renata Choma – Recruiter IT - KZ Inspire

Natalia Latawiec – Junior Recruiter IT

An empath who can listen. Believes that the role of a recruiter is crucial in business. As a mother of two lively and bouncy kids, she learned strategic time management and out-of-the-box action, which she also uses at work. Natalia loves good food, red wine, and people.

Natalia Latawiec – Junior Recruiter IT - KZ Inspire

PR and Administration Team

Kuba – CEO Assistant

Not very proficient in operations but skillful as a matter-of-fact critic and a flatterer. Privately, a cat celebrity.


Rex – Senior Security Manager

A servant with a dubious past, the Institute of National Remembrance is silent on this subject. He usually abuses powers by unjustifiably triggering emergency procedures (in the recruitment processes and otherwise). Known cases of questionable behavior towards Kuba.