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Some time ago, at the urging of several people, I took a Gallup test that revealed my talents. Due to the fact that I am a person, you can say “curious about the world” 😊 I didn’t have to persuade me for a long time. The test has been performed.

Until the test was completed, I was convinced that I lacked any talent. I can’t draw, playing instruments is also poor, there is no singing voice, so where are these talents?

Most of us equate talent with artistic talent. However, the Gallup Institute over the decades analyzed human personality traits and identified as many as 34 talents (wow!) That do not relate to the artistic, manual areas.

According to Gallup, talent is a repeating pattern of behavior, thinking and feeling that can find practical application. Something you like to do is the driving force for action and thanks to which you get amazing results. This is talent.

At first it sounded hmm… quite pathetic. However, when analyzing the obtained results of my talents with an expert, I began to understand why I am the most successful in these and not other areas. What comes easily to me and why I do not necessarily like to perform other tasks.

The first 5 talents are considered key in the test and their order is very important. About 10 ml of people have already performed the Gallup test. The test itself consists of 180 questions and you have 20 seconds to answer each question. We give the answer that is closest to us, there is no time for longer considerations. Finally, the system gives us the answer and you act out your talents. It is time to appreciate them, develop them and, above all, see the opportunities associated with them.

There are things we do well, almost instinctively, and we like to take care of them very much. There are also some that we just learned but they are not fun for us. The latter are the ones we just don’t like to do, we also often call our weaknesses that we need to improve.

According to Gallup, we should focus on developing our strongest talent, because it is an opportunity to achieve above-average results in a given field. It makes no sense to focus on areas where we do not have natural predispositions.

Connections between talents are also important. Some of them strengthen each other, while others, unfortunately, abolish. There are also talents that are desired in a given profession, on the contrary. So it’s good to do the test on each person on the team and then review the results. Discovering your own talents can be an energizing experience for everyone. It is important to understand their essence. The awareness of given talents in the team will allow you to effectively use employees’ competences and build a team consisting of various talents.

In summary, it is important to focus on developing your strengths that will allow us to achieve the master level in a given field. I’ve already started 😊

The Gallup Institute recognizes the following talents

Achievement, activator, flexibility, analyst, organizer, principled, command, communicativeness, competition, interdependence, context, caution, developing others, discipline, empathy, impartiality, orientation, visionary, compliance, innovation, integrator, individualization, collecting, intellect, learning myself, maximalist, optimist, closeness, responsibility, repairing, self-confidence, respect, strategist, spell.

The test can be done for a fee on the website

If you have questions or want to analyze your test result with a professional coach, please contact me 😊

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